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Sisters In Christ Ministries is a registered nonprofit (501(c)(3) organization.

Our mission is to minister to women of all denominations, in the hope that they are empowered and inspired to create loving Christian homes and to live Christ-centered abundant lives.

Women today are struggling more than ever with life's demands and are left feeling overwhelmed and tired. Many of them face the stress of being single moms who are coping with personal and social brokenness as well as women who just have a need for a refreshed spirit. We believe that wholeness and restoration can take place through Jesus Christ.

We hold an annual Sisters In Christ Women's Conference where guest speakers share personal testimonies of how with God's love and grace they have overcome tragedies and obstacles in their lives. There is no cost to attend this special event. Expenses are met by supporters via donations and by Sisters in Christ Ministries fundraisers and outreach projects.