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Beth Buchanon

Beth Buchanon was raised in Atlanta, GA in a Christian environment and developed a true personal relationship with her Lord God and Savior, Jesus Christ. With God’s love and grace, she has overcome many trials and challenges in her life. She shares these experiences through music and personal testimony.

Beth has partnered with Sisters In Christ for over 20 years and had the gracious privilege of opening for Babbie Mason at her WOW Women's Ministry Conference. She is also honored to have finished several CD projects including her most recent "Have Hope...Songs of Encouragement”

Beth is married to Lance Buchanon, they have three grown children, five grandchildren and two fur-babies!
She also teaches daily Bible studies and devotions on her two YouTube channels. Click each below to check them out and subscribe if you like:
Beth Buchanon Bible Beauty Fashion and Fun
Beth Buchanon PURE BIBLE

Tanya Smith-Pettigrew

Tanya has always wanted to sing and has been blessed to record vocals for Babbie Mason, Ce Ce Winans, and others. She also leads worship at North Point Community Church locations throughout Georgia.

For booking, please contact Tanya at email. She can also be reached on Instagram @tannsmithp

Praise & Worship

Mount Holly Worship and Arts Team
Directed by Jason Guyton



Just Sayin’

Sisters In Christ is doing an awesome job of sharing the unconditional love of Jesus Christ. In a day and time when women are in dire need of hope, Sisters In Christ Ministry delivers the hope-filled message of Jesus that every woman longs to hear. I love it every time I’m with them.

Babbie Mason, singer, songwriter and author

Sisters In all about women who love Jesus while encouraging each other! Victorious women, sharing the hope of Jesus Christ to a stressed out generation of women living in (and running on) the 21st Century fast-track. You bless my heart, sisters. Carry on!

Cindi Wood, Author of The Frazzled Female